thrum - music composition/sound design/engineering

Thrum puts music and sound to picture.
Thrum is run by Tim Burns, a musician / composer / sound designer / engineer with over 15 years professional experience. Thrum has experience with composition, FX creation, animation and film sound design, exhibition interactives and experientials, large multi channel presentations and sonic branding.
Tim also works as a producer / engineer for recording artists from Thrum Studio, London.


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Pepsi Max Chain reaction - Imax. Harriman Steel/AMV
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Ron Arad 'Curtain Call' String writing and arranging for G&G
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Fords's C490 press launch - Shanghai Auto Show. Imagination
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Interactives and other projects
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Music for Viva Breakfast TV Ident. Animation by Mathematic, France.
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Music for Imagination end of year films.
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Sound design becomes music. Just So Films.
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Music for Sungard AGM kickoff movie. Moving Brands.
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Ford Atlas F150 timeline. Imagination
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Music for Psion promo film. Futurebrand. With Jude Greenaway.
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Mondeo live reveal backdrop. Imagination
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SD for script competition at Tribeca Film Fest. Music Nick Holywell-Walker
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